Riverwood Way | Full Building Process Part 3

May 26, 2023

How Should I be Preparing for the Contract Process?

Now that you’ve decided on where you would like to build a home and officially reserved a lot, you have completed the first four steps of Riverwood Way! At this point, you have toured our communities and model homes with the intent of fine-tuning your preferences. Now is the time to start finalizing some of those details.

Step 5: Contracts

When it comes time to meet with one of our realtors and begin discussing contracts, it’s best to enter the process with a few questions already answered to help things go smoothly. The first thing to know is which floor plan you have decided to go with. During the reservation and priority listing steps you chose a house size and lot, now you get to choose the basic structure of what the finished home will actually look like. This will also be the point where you decide on which window design you want on the outside of your home, as these will be completed earlier in the process than your interior. With both of these decisions made, we will be able to begin pricing a set for your community.

In addition to defining the overall structure of your house, you will provide the names and email addresses of each individual going on the final contract so that we may efficiently communicate with you throughout the building process. Your current mailing address will also be required at the beginning of contract discussions.

The final step of the contracting process is deciding whether you will get a loan or pay in cash. If you plan on getting a loan, our contracts require an additional $2,000.00 deposit for a total of $3,000.00 with your lot reservation. If you would rather pay in cash, we require a 5% deposit along with proof of funds.

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