Riverwood Way | Full Building Process Part 8

August 17, 2023

At this point in the Riverwood building process, your home is well under construction and nearly ready for move-in day! Your cabinets have been set and it’s time to start taking steps in preparation for your closing appointment. 

Step 11: Closing

The final step remaining between you and home ownership is the closing process. This step of Riverwood Way begins once your cabinets have been installed as it allows us to set an accurate closing date for your home. Once you have a closing date, your agent will receive the updated construction timeline and get in contact with both you and your lender in an effort to give them ample time to draft their closing documentation. In addition, your agent and superintendent will provide a homeowner orientation at your finished house before closing. During this period, they will be showing you the key points around the property, such as the breaker box and water shut-offs, in an effort to equip you fully for owning your Riverwood home. 

When the date of your closing appointment comes around, you’ll be responsible for providing certified funds for your down payment and closing costs in the form of wire transfer or cashier’s check from your bank. The exact amount will be provided from the lender you decide to work with for home financing. Generally, this payment is going to consist of the bank, title, and lender fees you’ve accrued from your mortgage provider. Something that has served as an incredible resource for many Riverwood home-owners in the past is working with our preferred lenders at Priority Bank, as we will then be able to provide a $2500 closing credit for your closing costs!

Once you’ve signed all of your closing documents, you're officially a homeowner! Your agent will give you the keys and garage door openers to your new home and a packet containing instructions on how to care for your home throughout the year, the covenants of the subdivision, and all of the utilities you will be responsible for after moving in. Essentially this is a “how to” manual for owning and taking care of your home!

After completing this step of the Riverwood Way, you have officially walked through the entire building process with us and moved in! Thank you so much for building with us here at Riverwood, and welcome home!

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