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Riverwood Way | Full Building Process Part 6

July 27, 2023

Today is a big day as we start the physical construction of your new home! The reservations, contracts, and appointments are officially over, and the home you’ve been envisioning throughout this whole process will start to take form!

Step 9: Excavation

Ensuring your home has a strong foundation is a priority, as it often dictates how smooth the rest of the construction process goes. The first piece of the puzzle for making sure your home has a strong, sturdy foundation is through the excavation process, as everything else is built on top of it. At this point we will be moving some of the earth, rock, and other materials on your lot to make room for your foundation. Field managers will be on site throughout this phase to ensure our excavation teams are meeting city regulations and requirements, as well as enforcing our own quality expectations for your home.

After the initial excavation has been done, we can move onto pouring the footing for your house. Essentially, the footing is just the bottom-most layer of your foundation and is responsible for preventing your home from sinking over the course of many years. This is a very important stage, which is why our qualified superintendent team oversees and manages the operation. Once that has been done, we can ensure the foundation is ready for the plumbers to start installation! This creates a solid setting for the under-slab plumbing to be put in place. If you go visit your home at this point in the process you’ll see lots of different piping sticking out of the foundation throughout your floor plan. Once again, we will be inspecting the property to make sure these pipes, which are for plumbing drainage and supply, are in place and exposed, which is a process known as slab inspection. When everything is up to code and meets our standard of quality, the construction team will be able to begin pouring the concrete slab for your foundation.

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