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Winter Preparation

October 24, 2023

With temperatures expected to continue dropping for the foreseeable future, it’s about that time to start thinking about preparing your home for the winter season! Though there hasn’t been a freeze at this point in the year, being mindful of the routine maintenance that needs to be done will ensure small chores today don’t turn into big problems in just a couple months. 

Winter Preparation


One of the first appliances that you’ll need to check is the heating system throughout your home. With days ranging between 40 and 70 degrees this month, it’s easy to get away with an inefficient HVAC system; however, in the coming weeks the weather will be getting consistently colder, meaning an uncalibrated furnace could lead to an uncomfortable few days throughout your home. The good news is that you have time to take care of it today! Simply switch the thermostat from cool to heat to make sure warm air is filtering into the entirety of the house. If that system doesn’t seem to be working, try following along with the furnace maintenance video in the link below for common troubleshooting solutions! In the unlikely event that this doesn’t fix the problem, reach out to armor heating and cooling right away and they’ll be able to help you out before the weather gets colder. At this point it’s also best to clean out or swap the filters in your furnace as well to ensure your heating system is working at maximum efficiency throughout the winter.

It’s also going to be important to test and run your fireplace for the first time while the weather is still at a comfortable temperature. Over the course of the year, tiny debris such as dust may have settled on or near the igniter system, so the first time you light it may set off the fire alarm… unless you take some precautions! Open the windows and doors around the living room to continuously bring fresh air into the home and allow the invisible debris to escape outside. For a refresher on how to turn your fireplace on, follow the link at the bottom of the page! This will also be a convenient time to check the weather stripping on the exterior doors and windows of the home as well. This is responsible for keeping your home airtight throughout the year, meaning warm air will stay inside and cold air will stay outside during the winter. Fixing small holes or leaks now helps your heating system to run as efficiently as possible, saving your electricity bill and keeping the family comfortable throughout the cold months.


At this point in the year, it’s a great idea to have all your outside furniture covered or put away to guard it from harsh weather conditions, extending the longevity of that property in the long run. This process includes outdoor appliances such as grills as well. Clean and cover your grill now to avoid costly maintenance and replacement fees down the line that result from harmful bacteria growing throughout the winter, rain and snow damage, or other issues that may crop up if you don't take precautions.

There are also several steps you should take before the temperature gets dangerously cold to ensure your pipes don’t freeze in the middle of the winter. The first box to check is making sure all of your exterior spigots are completely closed and no hoses are attached to them. This prevents small amounts of water from freezing in the pipe by the spigot and causing costly damage down the line. In addition, ensure that the kitchen faucet, and any indoor faucets located on exterior walls, are set to drip cold water in freezing conditions to prevent the same issues. Opening up the cabinets under the sink will help as well by allowing warm air into these spaces. Doing all of these things during extreme cold will prevent your piping from freezing and give you uninterrupted access to water regardless of the weather. Check the winter tips video below if you still have questions on how to weatherproof your home! 

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