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Riverwood Way | Full Building Process Part 7

August 10, 2023

Now that we’ve wrapped up the excavation process, it’s time to go vertical. This is the phase of building where all the stylistic decisions you’ve made over the past 8 steps will finally be displayed as your home comes together. 

Step 10: The Construction Process


The framing process begins after the foundation for your home has been completed and the frame pack for your home gets dropped off at the lot for our framers. This pack consists of all the lumber we’ll need to build a house and complete the frame of your home. The framing team will come in to install all these pieces over the course of about a week, showing the outline of what the finished product will look like.  

Roofing and Mechanical Systems

Once this has been finished, it’s time for the roofing team to, you guessed it, put the roof on your home with the shingles you selected during your design appointment. Having a completed roof allows us to begin work on some of the mechanical components of your home, such as the electrical, plumbing, and hvac (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems. Throughout this stage of the building process, our superintendents are supervising and checking to make sure each of these systems are meeting both Riverwoods standards of quality as well as those of the city to ensure that you don’t have any mechanical or structural issues down the line. At this point, the city will conduct an inspection on the mechanicals and the insulation as well. 

Insulation and Sheetrock

After this inspection has been passed, we will continue the building process and your home will really start to take form. This transformation begins with the installation of insulation in your exterior walls. The material used in this process is vital in creating a comfortable climate inside your home, as well as improving the efficiency of your home throughout the year. From here, we’ll begin hanging sheetrock over your walls. This will consist of putting up drywall material, taping over it, and mudding over the joints and seams that create irregularities on the surface of the wall. At this point in the building process we will also begin installation of tile flooring in your kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room areas!

Flooring and Cabinetry

Once this has met Riverwood standards, we can begin work on your hard-surface flooring, carpeting, and cabinetry! All of the options you discussed with Mary during your design appointment will be on display from this point forward as the interior of your house begins to look like your envisioned home. Your wall and floor cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms will be put in place first to ensure flooring is precisely measured and cut prior to installation. Once we get to that point, we can fit your selected countertops and backsplash in the kitchen and bathrooms throughout your home. When that gets done, the flooring process stops briefly while we handle other features throughout the home. Carpeting and hardwood installations are finished at the very end of the building process after all other crews have finished their projects. Hard-surface flooring will then be installed before your carpeting to ensure the transition between the two materials is clean and level.

Interior Finishes

After the cabinetry has been brought in, the painting crew will come in and paint all trim and interior walls. This happens after the cabinetry has been set to allow blemishes or other inconsistencies on the walls to be retouched by our builders before finalizing the interior aesthetic with a paint-coating. Different hardware around the home, such as cabinet handles, mirrors, blinds, etc, will also be brought in at this point before we do final checks around the house in preparation for your walkthrough! 

Exterior Process

Though the building process for the exterior of the home does not follow the same linear path as the interior, it will be done well before it comes time for final walkthroughs. Beginning immediately after the framing portion of the process has wrapped-up, work on the outside of your home will progress as we receive the materials needed, such as the brick, trim, or stone aspects for your build. The sod, trees, and other landscaping details of your property will also be complete by the time you visit your completed home!

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