Riverwood Way | Full Building Process Part 5

July 18, 2023

Congratulations on making it this far in the Riverwood Way series! That means you’ve already finished designing your home and are ready to take the next step! The next phase of the building process begins following your appointment with Mary in our design studio. After your appointment, we will send you home with a summary of the selections you made for your home. At this point, we ask that you review all the options on that document and confirm that all of the options are correct. Once we’ve received confirmation of your choices, they’ll be sent over to our purchasing department for immediate review.

Step 7-8: Next Steps and Sourcing

This brings us to step seven of the Riverwood Way: Sourcing! Though you won’t be directly involved in this process, we want to give you some behind-the-scenes information about what the material sourcing phase of building looks like so that you know what’s going on every step of the way. After you send confirmation of the selections you made in the design studio, our head of the purchasing department will order all of the materials for your home so construction may begin as soon as possible. The purchasing team here at Riverwood works very hard to provide you with quality products and brands in a timely manner so that you can get through this step without a hitch.

With that in mind, occasionally it can be difficult to source certain products due to manufacturing delays and supply chain deficits. Our purchasing team is well aware of this and works with multiple suppliers in an effort to keep supplies running steady and find in-stock materials for your home. We’ve also crafted partnerships with many of the material brands seen during your design appointment to further prevent any issues that may occur in regard to supply chain and product availability for your home.

This does not, however, make us totally immune from an unpredictable supply chain or discontinued product lines. Though each of the options you discussed with Mary were available at the time of your appointment, it is possible that products you selected will become unavailable during the construction of your home for a variety of reasons. In the unlikely event that this happens, you’ve got nothing to worry about! Our design and purchasing teams have other options for you to select from if necessary, without breaching the function, style, or quality that you want for your completed home. We are always striving to find new, value-added products to transition to should these circumstances arise. Our goal here at Riverwood is to provide you with the highest quality products at the best possible price to ensure your vision of a home can be made a reality.

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